Lisa Markowski

Copy Writer

Newburyport, MA

Lisa Markowski

Seasoned copywriter producing effective web content, e-mail marketing campaigns/e-newsletters, catalogs/product descriptions, advertisements, product labels, blog posts, business bios, and other marketing content. Expert ability in grammar, usage, and determining client voice.



Radio Commercial Script - Los Angeles Honda Dealership

This is a 60-second radio commercial script for a Honda dealership that I wrote to promote a Christmas-related contest to give away daily prizes, including a brand-new Civic. I was also instrumental in developing the contest concept and other commercial scripts to promote it.

Viral Booklet - Hyundai/Car and Driver

This was a viral marketing booklet commissioned by Car and Driver magazine to help Hyundai improve its image.

Print Ad - Assisted Living Facility


German Hybrids: Have Your Black Forest Cake and Eat It, Too

The Black Forest may contain trees for as far as the eye can see, but heretofore the local people have been leaving them starved for affection. Alas, the tide seems to be turning, and there is evidence that the people of Germany may be catching on to the pastime of tree-hugging. Sure, diesel engines have long been de rigueur in Europe, achieving better fuel economy than gasoline-burners.

Product Label Copy - Mill River Chardonnay

This is one of a series of wine labels I was hired to write copy for.
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The Opel Vectra: An Automotive Automaton

The modern plague of laziness has really gotten out of control. Get this: General Motors is getting set to release a car that drives itself. The system, currently in development in Russelsheim, Germany, is called Traffic Assist, and its first intended target is the 2008 Opel Vectra, a new family sedan based on the Epsilon 2 (Opel is GM’s largest European subsidiary).

Blog - Understanding Microgrids through Microbreweries

Can beer make things clearer? It’s highly possible, although not necessarily through its consumption. Thinking about how microbreweries operate compared to large, national breweries can give the non-engineer a better understanding of the functions and goals of the modern grid. Writer/engineer/EnerNex consultant Sean Morash understands that “normal people” might not readily grasp the same concepts that those educated and experienced in energy engineering do.

Print Ad - Polywood Furniture

This is a print advertisement for the top-selling synthetic-wood furniture manufacturer in the U.S.

B2C Ad - My Storytime Friends

This print advertisement appeared in a trade publication to encourage merchants to carry a children's product that packaged a storybook with a stuffed toy.

Coming to America: the 2008 Volvo C30

What is it that makes a person want a Volvo? Sure, there’s the safety factor, as these cars are known for saving lives with their side-impact beams, state-of-the-art seatbelts, and never-optional ABS and traction control. But up until a few years ago these cars were literally square. If you had a family (and graying temples), you felt at home in the boxy Parentmobile.

Job Retriever Resumes - Company Name and Tagline

I conceived the name, tagline (Fetch That Job!), and logo for a Gloucester-based company that provided services for writing resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles as well as interview coaching.
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Blog Post - A Roof that’s Good Enough to Eat

Lisa Markowski, ERS, for Zondits. Image credit: Lisa Markowski. Green roofs – also known as living roofs – are great enough when “all” they do is beautify and insulate buildings and provide clean oxygen. The ultimate benefit, though, comes when they produce food. The Boston area has several exceptional food-producing green roofs to speak of, including an installment at its most identifiable structure, Fenway Park. Link to Story


Lisa Markowski

My writing style is easygoing yet engaging, with interesting and pertinent information presented succinctly in a way that makes the reader want to finish the whole page. I have a knack for finding a client’s voice, and I know what style of writing (and which style guide) works for which application.

Writing: Web content, marketing collateral copy, ghostwriting (technical articles, blogs, e-newsletters), e-commerce and catalog copy, bios/About pages, social media content.
Editing: Expert in copy editing, content editing, and proofreading. Extensive experience editing and revising web content and marketing collateral, technical and business materials (including reports, white papers, and manuals). Proficient at editing technical and instructional content. Developed and updated house style guides for publishers and consulted on graphics, photo selection, and layout design.

About the Name
Slater is my 15-year-old African grey parrot. African greys have the most advanced verbal ability (clearest enunciation and largest potential vocabulary) of all birds, and so she fittingly represents a business based on precision word craft.